Create Muti-Auth in Laravel 5.2

When creating any web application, there is seldom a requirement where you only need one level of authentication. Or to be more exact where you have only one type of users. Normally we work win environment where we require an administrative user and another public user. Thus the two users may have different types of data and tables. In such we will also require two different types login processes for each user types. By default laravel ships with User auth model. So how doe we add another authentication model to the system.


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SSL – Create your own self-signed certificate key pair

In this blog, we will be learning one or two things about the SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

You are here, so I assume that I don’t need to explain you about the differences about the HTTP and the HTTPS protocols in the web.

While HTTP is straight forward, the security level of the protocol is near to none.

The data sent through this protocol is not encrypted thus any person thats monitoring your web traffic may get hold of the data that you send through the web i.e. Credit Card numbers, Passwords, and other valuable and private informations (the man-in-the-middle-attack). This is where HTTPS comes in. The HTTPS inserts a security layer (TSL/SSL) during the interchange of the data between the server and the client.


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Solve Microsoft Visual C++ Re-distributable Install Error (0x80240017 )

Setup Failed: 0x80240017 Unspecified error

This is due to Windows not being updated properly.

We can then manually update the windows.

First we need to find the update file.

The file will be in

C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\FC6260C33678BB17FB8B88536C476B4015B7C5E9\packages\Patch\x64\Windows8.1-KB2999226-x64.msu

Copy the file and paste in any folder you like.

Then inside the folder create a new folder “Temp”.

Open up a administrator CMD in the folder and type in the following.

$ wusa.exe Windows8.1-KB2999226-x64.msu     /extract:Temp

$ DISM.exe  /Online   /Add-Package   /PackagePath:Temp\

this will manually install the windows update into your system.

Now execute the vc_redist.x86.exe once again. It should install properly.


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Creating Virtual Host in Linux

Every once in a while you try to develop a web application, you create a project under /var/www/html (or somewhere equivalent) and you access the project using localhost. This is old fashioned. Lets step up a bit. Best way to develop any web application is to simulate the actual web server the web application will be hosted into. Lets remove the localhost altogether and use the domain name in the local server instead of the trivial localhost.


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Git Logo

Using git with your Amazon EC2 instance server.

So you have a ec2 amazon server instance set up and you plan to set up git into the server.

When you use git to push and pull requests from the repository you are always required to enter your username and password for the repository. You probably would get Error: Permission denied (publickey). In case of your ec2 instance you dont have a username and password attached to your git repository so how do you push/pull the repo. The repo is not public after all.


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Ubuntu Solve “held broken package” error.

When you are installing any new package or upgrading any package through terminal in Ubuntu you may sometimes be presented with “you have held broken packages” error, and thus preventing you from installing the package that you want.

Well this is because the package that you are trying to install already has been installed with any older or newer version or any other dependencies that you package depends on has the same issue. Either way we need the package installed. So what do we do.


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